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Size B: 30cmx40cmx2 pcs, 30cmx60cmx2 pcs, 30cmx80cmx1pcs / ( Size B: 12inch x16 inch x2pcs,12inch x24 inch x2pcs,12inch x 32inch x1pcs )

Full HD quality printing: printing on non-woven canvas, non-toxic and odorless ink, perfect color and image sharpness, UV resistance. They do not contain any harmful substances

The product is treated with mildew and moisture proof, the texture is fine, green, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, not easy to deform, easy to install. It has natural color, tensile strength and crease resistance

Compared with other products, the product is mildew-proof and moisture-proof. The picture is delicate and environmentally friendly. It will not cause harm to human health. It has high strength tensile and wrinkle resistance

Perfect wall decoration painting for living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, hotel, restaurant, office, bathroom, bar, etc. A great gift for your friends and family

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